Alcorn Construction Lands a Spot as One of Denver's Best Places to Work

What’s in a “Best Places to Work” title? The Denver Business Journal annually highlights companies in the Denver area whose operations are providing the best workplace environments. These companies have high engagement, stellar retention and are sought out by prospective employees. Typically, they have a secret sauce of benefits that make employees happy – from free meals to onsite gyms and slides in the office, companies get creative. In its 11-year history, Alcorn Construction has focused on being a place where great people love to work, and it shows. So how do we do it?

  • We’re family-oriented. While some companies push for results that reward investors, Alcorn takes a different approach. Employees can take time to be with their families without fear of being reprimanded. Alcorn Construction views every employee of the company as family. We push each other to better ourselves and the company. We build strong relationships – not only with employees and their families – but with clients, subcontractors, and others in the community. And, we have fun while we’re doing it.
  • Micromanagement isn’t in our vocabulary. We hire our employees for a reason. They’re intelligent, purpose-driven individuals who are masters of their craft, and we trust them to accomplish anything that comes their way. They’re all given ownership over their areas, and they don’t disappoint. And, management is always near if advice is needed.
  • We offer some of the best perks employees look for. We may not have a slide in the building, but we know how to take care of our employees. We offer all the classic benefits in one big package. And, we have the option to bring our dogs to work.

We’ll leave you with an anonymous quote from an employee that filled out the DBJ Best Places to Work awards survey. “Alcorn is unlike any place I’ve worked. Honestly, I didn’t know there were companies like this. My expectation was that either a company had strong performance at the expense of poor work/life balance and micromanagement, or the company had great work/life balance, at the expense of productivity. But here, the Alcorns have figured out how to get both productivity and work/life balance, which I believe is a function of hiring great people and then great leadership starting at the top. I love being here and I hope to stay here indefinitely.”

See how we stack up in the rankings.