Solid Power

Operating in a design-assist role, Alcorn began involvement early on in the design process and took on the challenges of specialty equipment requirements, a stainless steel argon system, an oxygen deprivation detection system and relocation of the heart of Solid Power’s operation, the extremely low-humidity, self-contained research area, the dry room.

Solid Power’s buildout was a hard-fought deadline achievement. Not only was the team under the constraints of Solid Power’s lease ending, but construction of the new space was concurrent with the core/shell building completion. Within 24 hours of each other on the promised date, Alcorn was able to deliver substantial completion on the building and final sign-off on the tenant space, allowing moving to begin that very afternoon.

Since its inception in 2012, Solid Power has grown well beyond a start-up company. As an industry leader in the development of solid-state rechargeable batteries, Solid Power needed a facility that matched their prowess. This space embraces an open-to-structure, industrial feel meshed with an open, contemporary office design and boasts a bright, open office area, sizeable break room with collaboration spaces, executive conference room, state-of-the-art R&D lab, and warehouse space for current and future equipment and material storage.


Summit I @ CTC
486 S. Pierce Ave., Suite E
Louisville, CO 80027


Design-Assist, 18,453 sf tenant finish project buildout for reception, break room, conference, office, R&D lab, warehouse and dry lab spaces in the Colorado Technology Center.


Comunale Properties


Intergroup Architects