We have the ability to carry and manage items traditionally managed by the owner, at a very low cost to the customer and with a high level of expertise and accountability.

It is our firm belief, based on over 5 million sq.ft of complex construction experience, that we have the greatest impact on a project when we are involved from the start. We are skilled with traditional 3-bid delivery method, and additionally design, AV, security, teledata, interiors and other functions not typically managed by a contractor. We understand that tenant finish projects are driven by tight schedules, material selection and working in occupied spaces. We have a repeatable process to ensure materials arrive on time and superintendents manage all the trades in a tight space.

The Alcorn Proven Process


  • Define the goals of the project
  • Ask questions to understand budget, schedule and scope requirements and constraints
  • Explain The Alcorn Way and determine if we are a good cultural fit
  • Identify team member roles

  • 30-Minute Meeting


  • Investigate the current site conditions
  • Make suggestions for efficiency in constructability
  • Provide options to meet budget and schedule goals
  • Actively document and price monifications in the scope
  • Investigate current jurisdictional procedures
  • Track permit process and timeline

  • Kickoff Design
  • Design Meetings
  • Due Diligence
  • 100% Construction Documents


  • Buyout scopes with trusted subcontractor partners
  • Determine site logistics
  • Use tracking tools to proactively discover and solve challenges
  • Monitor installation quality daily
  • Identify team member roles

  • Obtain Permit
  • Owner, Architect, Contractor Meetings
  • Punch


  • Honor 1-year warranty period on workmanship and materials
  • Offer expert advice for potential changes as your company grows
  • Always available for any questions that may arise
  • Analyze feasibility for your next project

  • Occupancy
    11-Month Warranty Walk

Key Subject Matter Experts

Lisa Kozero

Project Manager

Dustin Hazelwood


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