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Design is often under-valued in our industry.

If you look at our proven process, you will see that the largest part of the process is the design and planning phase, and that is not an accident. We firmly believe that great design leads to great construction projects and know that experienced designers crave the kind of expertise that is added when the contractor is brought on board early in the project. Our staff members are trained to drive excellence by thinking through budget and schedule on all aspects of the project, not just the things that a typical general contractor might consider part of their scope. We assist the design team by doing constructability reviews, looking for drawing conflicts, and offering creative solutions to complex problems at an early stage in the project so they don’t become change orders or project delays. Our team members are trained to resolve issues in private, instead of in front of the customer, and we are consistently told that designers appreciate that we provide suggested answers to RFIs. They also tell us they are able to limit their construction administration hours because of our ability to make sound decisions in the field.


  • Class-A and Class-B office buildings
  • Office and industrial interiors
  • Corporate interiors
  • Advanced industries
  • Industrial and flex
  • Capital improvements
  • New office and industrial construction
  • Manufacturing and light manufacturing


  • Preconstruction
  • Preliminary budgets
  • Fee and GC delivery
  • Costing and scheduling
  • Entitlement management
  • Detailed costing and scheduling
  • Job walks and site evaluations
  • Design-build and design-assist
  • Permit management
  • Due diligence support
  • Design management


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"I appreciated Brad [Himes], Julia [Miller], Lisa [Kozero] and John's [Price] positive efforts, outlook, collaboration and responsiveness. At our OAC meetings or in emails, they always explained issues that had come up and had possible solutions ready to move the project forward. I'm looking forward to many more successful projects together."
— Bill Smith, Intergroup Architects


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