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Are you tired of project delays caused by an inability to get jurisdictional approvals on your projects? Alcorn Construction’s full-time Director of Land Use Entitlements can help get your projects started faster. Alcorn provides this service as a part of our cradle to grave construction process, or standalone projects that we aren’t going to construct.


  • Due diligence
  • Entitlement process
  • Other services

Alcorn Construction offers a full suite of services centered around due diligence and entitlements. These services help establish certainty and mitigate risks through your project's entitlement process. From the creation of a preliminary entitlement schedule during the initial stages of a project, to the final entitlement schedule and milestone management, we collaborate with all parties involved by driving your project with efficiency and timeliness to get your project into the construction phase. Our team strives to be a preferred partner through our expertise, respect, professionalism, attention to detail, and efficient communication. Learn more about each of our services below:

Due Diligence

Perform site analysis for development feasibility, identify entitlement challenges, calculate development fees, and create preliminary entitlement timeline. A full list of services includes:

  • Due diligence and feasibility analysis: Conducted through due diligence and feasibility assessments.
  • Preliminary site investigation reports: Created to aid in concept design and negotiations for Letter of Intent or Purchase and Sales Agreement terms.
  • Comprehensive site investigation reports: Built to delve deeper into site evaluation and entitlements assessment, including review of Phase I Environmental, soils reports, stormwater, utilities, etc.
  • Local land use code review: Conducted to review local zoning and land use codes to determine requirements and restrictions.
  • Preliminary entitlement schedule: Developed to assist in Letter of Intent submittal or negotiation of Purchase and Sale Agreement terms.
  • Title exception document review: Completed to identify any potential issues or concerns.
  • Preliminary entitlement and development fee schedule: Created to outline entitlement and development fees.
  • Entitlement strategy development: Crafted to navigate the entitlement process effectively.
  • Concept plan review: Conducted to ensure compliance with land use codes and feasibility for site development prior to formal design commencement.

Entitlement Process
Review the project particulars, put together a comprehensive entitlement schedule and approval strategy, and manage the entire team through even the most complex entitlement process. Our full list of services includes:

  • Entitlement management: From beginning to end, we take charge and streamline the process, freeing you to focus on running your business. The processes we manage are:
    • Rezoning
    • Planned united developments
    • Subdivisions
    • Lot line adjustments
    • Variances
    • Special use review or permit
    • Conditional use review or permit
    • Land use and development permits
    • Site plans
    • Design review
    • Local, state, and federal permits
    • Homeowners / Business Owner Association design review
  • Primary liaison with jurisdiction: Alcorn serves as the main point of contact for relevant authorities, and systematically handles all jurisdictional feedback, gathering and disseminating jurisdictional comments in a cohesive manner.
  • Submittal document management: Manage the thorough preparation of and oversee the submittal checklist, ensuring comprehensive coverage and team coordination.
  • Application submissions and reviews: Efficiently submit applications to various authorities (including planning departments and utilities). We proactively engage with authorities, arranging meetings with jurisdictions to receive comments and feedback.
  • Entitlement schedule maintenance: Meticulously monitor the entitlement schedule to ensure the project's progression aligns with milestones.
  • Team coordination meetings: Effectively organize and lead weekly meetings with entitlement and design team, focusing on entitlements.
  • Project interest representation: Represent project at all community meetings and public hearings as the project's representative.

Other Services
Alcorn Construction also offers due diligence and entitlement services related to design team management, community engagement, and government relations:

  • Design team management: Effectively coordinate multidisciplinary teams, by collaborating with diverse experts including surveyors, civil engineers, transportation engineers, environmental consultants, geotechnical specialists, architects, landscape architects, lighting designers, planners, construction project managers, and general contractors. This offers one centralized point of contact between the design team, developer, and relevant jurisdictions, streamlining the entitlement process. We engage in every aspect of the entitlement and design phases to proactively identify and address potential constraints, risks, and challenges. Ensuring robust communication within the entire design teams allows us to prevent conflicts and minimize the need for redesigns.
  • Community engagement: Recognizing the significance of early and consistent community engagement throughout the entitlements process can help mitigate the risk of application denial or delay stemming from community opposition. With strategic public relations initiatives, including political outreach, community outreach programs, and neighborhood meetings, we can help minimize any risks.
  • Government relations: By leveraging our robust background in city planning, we can negotiate alternatives that align with project objectives and jurisdictional needs more effectively. We serve as a vital link between the project and jurisdictional agencies, coordinating and acting as a liaison for the project. This cultivation of jurisdictional relationships across all levels of the government helps insulated the project during application review stages.

“I hold Jeanne in the highest regard for her land use entitlement skills. Her ability to bridge real estate development programs with jurisdictional criteria is rare and valuable.”
— H. McNeish, Vice President, Land Use Entitlements, Confluent Development
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