Proven Process

Successful companies don't have time to do things twice.

Your time is valuable, and you deserve to have a partner that reduces your workload to get your business up and operating quickly and efficiently. Eight out of ten people we talk to know the value of having a contractor on board early in their project, but many of them have a company requirement to get three bids or have been taught all their lives that three bids are necessary to get a “good deal.” What they are missing is the fact that, with construction being so complex, it’s the ideas and experience of a strong general contractor that stand to save them significantly more time and money than the small gains to be made by bidding. Let us show you how you can have the best of both worlds with our proven process.

The Alcorn Proven Process

  • Discuss your goals and the impact a successful project will have on your business
  • Learn the process you had in mind and discuss how we can reduce your management burden
  • Ask questions to understand specific monetary, time and scope-related requirements and constraints
  • Discuss core values and determine if we are a compatible team
  • Identify other key team members, their involvement and role thus far, as well as their ideal contribution moving forward
Alignment Process
Professional Services Agreement
Professional Services Agreement
  • Investigate the current site to identify any unique items that the team should be aware of, including specific jurisdictional requirements
  • Assign a project team skilled in your project type
  • Conduct weekly meetings, with detailed minutes, to prioritize drawing coordination, efficiency and constructability
  • Perform regular price checks to ensure the drawings are developing within budget and schedule, and provide creative solutions, actively pricing and documenting all modifications
  • Drive the preconstruction schedule to meet the desired start date, including shepherding the entitlement and permit processes
  • Create a site logistics plan that includes input from neighbors and applicable jurisdictions
  • Lead a project scheduling meeting with all trade partners to ensure buy-in and teamwork during construction
  • Complete a unique Job Hazard Analysis and Emergency Response Plan prior to mobilization
Design Kickoff
Design Meetings
Due Diligence
100% Construction Documents
Construction Contract
Construction Document
  • Hold a construction kick-off meeting with the entire team following a detailed agenda designed to share important details and open lines of communication
  • Write contracts to trusted subcontractor partners to cover each scope of work
  • Lead weekly onsite meetings, with thorough minutes, to discuss safety and security, schedule and project status, issues, submittals and RFIs and cost items
  • Perform monthly schedule updates and weekly five-week look-ahead schedules
  • Schedule job walks with the team when walls are laid out on the floor (chalk walk) and when walls are in place (box walk) to catch any necessary changes early in the process
  • Host pre-installation meetings with subcontractors to be clear about quality, timing and logistics
  • Employ a third-party safety company to perform independent inspections of the job site
  • Our General Superintendent will perform weekly site visits to lend his expertise and extra set of eyes for safety and quality
  • Complete a pre-punch walk to resolve obvious items and make the true punch list a good use of the team's time
  • Execute a punch walk of the space with the project team, distribute the list to our trade partners within 24 hours, ensure the items are tracked and completed within two weeks, and perform a punch completion walk for client's approval
Construction Kickoff
Obtain Permit
Owner, Architect, Contractor Meetings
Closeout Meeting & Punch Walk
Certificate of Occupancy
Certificate of Occupancy
  • Issue a digital Operations and Maintenance Manual, including as-built documents
  • Perform 11-month warranty walk with the PM and General Superintendent to ensure the space is in great condition prior to our trade partner's warranties on workmanship and materials expiring
  • Provide expert advice and pricing for potential changes as your company evolves
  • Continue direct access to the project manager and superintendent for any questions that may arise
  • Analyze feasibility and provide high-level pricing for your next project
11-Month Warranty Walk