Q&A: Chris Alcorn Serving as NAIOP Colorado’s Public Policy Committee Chair for 2022

Q&A: Chris Alcorn Serving as NAIOP Colorado’s Public Policy Committee Chair for 2022

March 10, 2022
June 24, 2022
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Wade Corliss

The NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association provides advocacy, education and business opportunities by connecting members in a powerful North American network in the commercial real estate development and investment industry. The NAIOP Colorado chapter was founded in 1977 and serves the Denver Metro and the larger Colorado region.

Since 2017, Chris Alcorn has been a member of the NAIOP Colorado chapter. He has served as a member of the Public Policy Committee for three of the five years he has been a member. For 2022, he’s stepping it up a notch, and will serve as the Public Policy Committee (PPC) Chair.

So what exactly is the Public Policy Committee, and what does it do? To better understand these questions, Chris was gracious enough to answer a few questions noted below.

Q1. Why did you choose to be a part of the Public Policy Committee for NAIOP Colorado?

A1. I wanted to be more involved in NAIOP and I was told that the PPC didn’t have a contractor on the committee to provide that perspective, so I joined.

Q2. What exactly does the Public Policy Committee (PPC) do?

A2. The PPC advocates for NAIOP’s members on legislative issues. We keep track of upcoming state and local issues and bills and, if they impact our members, we take a position on them, talk to legislators to inform and steer the conversation, and provide expert witnesses and expertise when needed by legislators and other partner industry groups. We are also working to put on educational events for NAIOP’s Developing Leaders.

Q3. As a member of the PPC, what have been your accomplishments so far?

A3. My accomplishments so far are quite modest. I have read bills to inform the committee about what they say. I worked with the PPC team to provide the City of Denver with more accurate cost information on industrial projects to inform their Expanding Affordable Housing efforts and I have testified on behalf of NAIOP Colorado on a bill we opposed last year.

Q4. Are there any policies introduced in previous years that the committee is continuing to work on this year?

A4. We are very involved in the Energize Denver Ordinance, Expanding Affordable Housing Denver, and the Colorado Building Performance Standards legislation.

Q5. Are there any new initiatives you expect the committee to work on in 2022?

A5. There are bills that we are tracking, but it is too early to tell is any of them will become major initiatives for the committee in 2022. After last year’s major efforts with Affordable Housing Denver, Energize Denver, and Building Performance Standards, a quiet year would be a good year.To learn more about NAIOP Colorado’s Public Policy Committee, visit the Committees page of their website.