People with the experience, attitude and leadership to ensure the success of your project.

Being a place where great people love to work starts with alignment of core values during the interview process. New hires undergo a structured on-boarding process with 30, 60, 90-day and 6-month interviews, as well as in-house mentors that provide the consistency and structure required early in their career with us. Once they are ready, Alcorn employees are given the kind of ownership of their jobs that make us a great place to work. The best people stick around for a long time, ensuring significant industry experience and a cohesive team.

Get to knowour family…

Amy Alcorn CEO

Years At Alcorn: 12
Years In Industry: 12

Chris Alcorn President

Years At Alcorn: 12
Years In Industry: 23

To be a place where great people love to work and, in turn, customers are delighted.

Jason Randels Vice President

Years At Alcorn: 10
Years In Industry: 14

Julia Miller Strategic Solutions Manager

Years At Alcorn: 5
Years In Industry: 7

More than 6.5 million sf of new, remodel and tenant finish space.


Derek Cummins Director of Operations

Years At Alcorn: 4
Years In Industry: 23

Matt Newman Controller

Years At Alcorn: 2
Years In Industry: 11

Ben Geiger Business Development

Years At Alcorn: 1
Years In Industry: 15

Jeff Kegg Senior Project Manager

Years At Alcorn: 9
Years In Industry: 22

Randy Mitchell General Superintendent

Years At Alcorn: 8
Years In Industry: 44

40 employees, and growing every year

Delivering on Promises 11 Years and Counting