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With a completion date of mid-January, this project required installation of site utilities and two entrances over an irrigation ditch that did not shut down until late November. Installing the utilities in two separate ditch crossings was not an option, because it would cut off access to the site. By keeping in constant contact with the City, we worked out a procedure to allow part of the road improvements to have a temporary top coating of asphalt. This was roto-milled once utilities were installed, entrances built, and the remaining road improvements constructed.

“I have known and worked with Chris Alcorn for almost 10 years. We have worked together on $50 million dollar shopping centers, $5 million flex industrial buildings, and $50,000 Tenant Finish Projects. I like working with Alcorn because they are honest, they provide me with quick and accurate budgets even on limited information, and they always deliver on their promises. As a developer it is great to work with a general contractor who can drive the entire project from working with city and public utilities, to driving the design to meet the budget and schedule, and finally putting it all together during the construction phase. I would recommend Alcorn to anyone looking to hire a great General Contractor and would be happy to talk to you to further explain why.”
— Jeremy Records, Principal, Central Development Company
1571 County Rd. 27 Brighton, CO 80601
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